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Craft Beer

Six glasses of beer from six different arms coming together in the middle to showcase the different colors and flavors of beer available at Rapp's Barren Brewing Company in Mountain Home Arkansas


At Rapp's, we are passionate about brewing exceptional beers that are both innovative and approachable. We use only the finest ingredients, including locally sourced malts and hops, to create beers that are rich in flavor and aroma. Our brewing process is meticulous, and we take pride in our attention to detail.

We offer a wide variety of beers to suit every taste, from crisp lagers and refreshing ales to hoppy IPAs and rich stouts. We also have a seasonal rotation of beers, so there is always something new to try.

Our Core Beers:

1000K IPA


This one goes the extra mile! Starting with the sweet aroma of dry hopped citra and centennial hops, it polishes off with a clean, hoppy bitterness.

1810 Cream Ale


A nod to our area settlers of 1810, this ale is light, smooth and creamy with a touch of corn. This beer is simple, just like us.

Arrowhead APA


Mild Happiness, Citrusy, Light, Crisp

Boston Mountains NEIPA


Hazy, juicy, aromatic, and super citrusy! This beer is everything you want in an IPA without the sharp bitterness up front.

Buffalo Blonde Ale


A crisp, light beer with just enough hopped flavor to entice for more. This blonde won’t get away!

Copperhead Amber Ale


A malt-forward beer with a deep amber color, crisp/bread-like malt character and mild hop bitterness of a Marzen or Oktoberfest lager.

Lights Out Black IPA


Roasty and resinous, this is not your average IPA. A deep black color and toastiness that you'd expect from a stout are combined with a piney and slightly citrus hop punch that you expect from an IPA. A heavy dose of dry hops brighten things up and leave you craving the next sip.

My Sweet Mountain Home Stout


A name derived from the early settlers of Mountain Home, this stout starts with the aroma of chocolate and finishes with a smooth, roasted and deliciously sweet flavor.

Point Remove Hard Cider


Good flavor-light and not too sweet cider.

Settlers Brown Ale


Roasty, Coffee Notes, Nutty

*The percentage represents the overall ABV value for each flavor.

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Seasonal Flavors



Clean, Toasted, Biscuit, Caramel

Disco Lemonade


A light and refreshing Saison finished with fresh lemon zest

Ez come ez gose


Light Hop, Slighty Sweet, Zesty, Tangy

Grumpy Gringo Cerveza


Light Body, Crisp, Perfect with an Added Lime Wedge

Identity Crisis


Lager, IPL (India Pale Lager)

Lakeside Lager


Light, Crisp, Smooth, Slight Pine Hop Character

O’Brennan’s Irish Cream Stout


Stout, Irish Dry

Pandemic IPA


Citrus, Strong Hop, Easy to Drink

Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout


Chocolatey, Peanut Butter, Malted

Salted Caramel Brown


Nut brown ale with caramel flavor and a slightly salty finish.

The Instigator Dopplebock


Ancient monks referred to this beer style as "liquid bread" and they consumed only this beverage to sustain them during long fasts. Our recipe has a complex grain bill that provides a warm biscuit, toasted bread flavor and is sure to sustain you whether you are fasting, or not.

Twin Lakes Imperial Stout


Stout, Imperial / Double

Wooly Bugger


Wheat Beer, Witbier / Blanche

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Light Body, Crisp, Perfect with an Added Lime Wedge.


Grumpy Gringo Cerveza

32 IBU Bitterness
5.6 % Alcohol by volume

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Rapp's Barren Brewery Company, Mountain Home Arkansas

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